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Purify…or Destroy! Toukiden Confirmed for Fall Release in America!

Do you have what it takes?

In Toukiden you play as a monfu, sort of a demon slaying exorcist. The journey takes place in a gothic feudal Japan where you do battle against a number of lesser oni as you prepare to take on the massive monstrosities you saw in that trailer. Along the way you can either team up with human players via ad-hoc (no word on infrastructure online play), or take other monfu with you as bodyguards, cpu controlled allies. You’re strengthened by teaming up with onmyouji from throughout Japan’s history, who lend you their unique demon slaying techniques as buffs and special moves.

The game is being done by the Dynasty Warriors team over at Tecmo Koei, and is pretty much the game that Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce should’ve been. Once you create your character you can pick from a wide range of weapons from swords and scythes to bow and arrow and gauntlets. Check out a weapon highlight video below:

Toukiden will be releasing this fall for the Playstation Vita and PSP systems, and supports cross play. A demo is available on the Japanese PSN and is worth checking out if you’ve got a spare memory card for your Vita (just make sure to download the patch). If you’ve got a PSP, then PSP Demo Center has got ya covered 😀


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