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Purify…or Destroy! Toukiden Confirmed for Fall Release in America!

Do you have what it takes? In Toukiden you play as a monfu, sort of a demon slaying exorcist. The journey takes place in a gothic feudal Japan where you do battle against a number of lesser oni as you prepare to take on the massive monstrosities you saw in that trailer. Along the way you can […]

Why Master Chief’s Race Reveal Was An Issue For Me

Oh Xeawn, why you always gotta talk controversy? I dunno man, s’just my steez! Why you always gotta be hatin’ on my steez! … … … I’m sorry, I was just watching Adventure Time and Bob’s Burgers. So yes, I’m going to talk about Halo and Race and Race and Halo today. Little known secret; […]

So, Let’s Talk About the Xbox One *UPDATED BELOW*

I wasn’t going to do this first. I was going to talk about Starship Damrey and Dragon’s Crown and Freedom Wars and Valhalla Knights 3 and Chaos Code and pretty much just those things because not much else has happened in the world of gaming that I’m interested in at the moment, but, let’s talk […]

The other side of my geekiness – My Dream Super Hero Movies

What’s up peoples? Xeawn here to chat atcha all about the other side of my geekiness. I talk video games, anime and Jesus (yup, I’m a Geek for God!!!) pretty dang often around here, but lurking in the shadows is another passion of mine: FRUIT ROLLUPS!!! Wait, no, I meant to say comic books. I […]