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Maybe Consider Alternate Retailers for Your Pre-Order Needs…



Scandal in the neon white and red house! In the future you may want to consider pre-ordering your games from Amazon or Best Buy (but not Target; don’t even get me started on the nightmare that was!), especially if you want to get that obscure limited edition!

I can’t vouch for Gamestops outside of Alaska, however I can confirm that there’s quite a bit of favoritism going on behind the scenes here. Recently myself and several other readers and local gamers were unable to pre-order the Tales of Xillia limited edition set. I attempted my pre-order two days after it was announced, and several other readers tried to both same day and the day after. All but one of them were turned away from every location in our state (we have five) and told there were no copies available for order. I and a friend did some digging into the matter and proceeded to push a straight answer out of the employees at various locations. The answer we learned was quite upsetting and unexpected.

We were informed by employees at three different locations that the game had its full stock ordered already. That’s not surprising in and of itself, but one employee mentioned (and then regretted saying immediately) that the game had been available for months and that we should have pre-ordered it sooner.

“Tales of Xilla?” I asked in confusion.

“For the PS3? Yeah.”

“The limited edition?”


“…The limited edition has been pre-ordered out for months?”

“That’s…that’s what I said.”

“…The limited edition that was announced a week ago was pre-ordered out for months?”

“It was announced months ago.”

“The game was, yes. The limited addition was announced a week ago.”

“Oh. Well. Oh.”

A bit of stammering later I was informed that everyone who wanted one had a note placed on their account to have the staff reserve them a copy immediately in the advent a limited edition was announced.

“Oh, that’s a bummer,” I said, “I wasn’t aware that was a service Gamestop offered.”

“Oh…it’s…um…I mean…it’s not. Not really. We’re not supposed to do it, really.”



“Then why did you?”

“Well, you know, some of these guys, it’s just, ya know, they’re uh, they’re pretty tenacious, they’re pretty hardcore about their games, ya know? So, sometimes, some employees sometimes do that for them, ya know…yeah…”

“…I see. That’s unfortunate; it really messes over your consumers who aren’t aware of the secret agreements. I imagine that can’t be great for business.”

“Well…ya know…yeah…ya know…”

“Thank you anyways.”

So, buyers beware; if you aren’t bosom buddies with your Gamestop’s employees you just might miss out on a rare collectors edition. This is particularly worrisome, as there are many such as Ni No Kuni’s Wizard’s Edition or Persona 4’s Solid Gold Edition that are released in an extremely limited quantity as a one time only deal.

We’ve reached out to Gamestop for clarification on the matter, and will update this article when or if we hear from them.

As a matter of fact, now I know why I wasn’t able to order Persona 4’s Vita limited edition the same day it was announced and in their system……

I never got my pre-order stickers either.


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