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This is It: LET’S ROCK!

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R (Pronounced Guilty Gear Zex 2 Accent Core Plus R), the definitive version of Accent Core received a port to the PSVita, and that port will be releasing in America on April 23rd exclusively on the Playstation Network. This is the series that started it all; the original high speed stylish HD 2D fighting game!

Featuring 25 characters including historical warriors Kliff, Justice and Order Sol as well as newer additions such as A.B.A., this latest entry in the Guilty Gear franchise serves to set up the story we saw in Guilty Gear 2 without completely filling in the gaps that led to the new war or the conception and training of Ky’s son. The game released as a free update to the PSN/XBLA port of the arcade game Guilty Gear XX Accent Core and will make a great addition to your portable fighting game arsenal.

Because I know people are already going to ask, I can all but guarantee that the bars on either side of the screen can be removed; most HD ports have that feature. Also, the game will more than likely feature online play.

I know I’ll most definitely be picking this game up next next week, along with Japan’s other stealth release Black Rock Shooter: The Game.

Please continue to show your support of niche Japanese games making their way to America; Daisuke Ishiwatari has never once done us wrong, let’s make sure we show him our love!


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