Project x Zone: Now in Budget Priced Limited Edition Flavors!

Rember to thank Harada-sama for this, as he’s the only person in this collaboration of studios who loves you. For a limited time, all copies of Project x Zone will be bumped up to a collectors edition! This is theoretically the same as the one Japan got, and will include a mini-art book, a poster and a music CD packaged with the game. The price? Still only $40!

Say it with me class:

“Thank you Mr. Harada!”

Accompanying this news is a new English trailer for your eyeballs to salivate over. I’ll just leave you to contemplate that really gross mental image.

By the by, did anyone else notice that every other company brought their aces and fan favorites, but Sega left the likes of Sonic and Vector Man at home?


2 comments on “Project x Zone: Now in Budget Priced Limited Edition Flavors!

  1. Still waiting for the BoF Ryu in a crossover game….Even Fou Lou or Rei would work for me(even if less recognizeable).

    I mean honestly i get so fed up with seeing the SF Ryu all over even though say Capcom vs Tatsunoko coulda really given him a place to shine without having to OP the Hadouken…

    Ahem anyways rant aside still looking forward to this game and i’m glad we’re getting it.

    • I most certainly have to agree with you there. I don’t mind so much seeing Jin and Xiayou everywhere, because at least Namco Bandai had the moxy to replace their protagonists (previously being Kazuya and Jun). What’s more, Namco Bandai can always be counted on to bring interesting and unique characters to the table every time. Kos Mos may be a staple of their crossovers, but they get major props for bringing Soma and Lindow to the fray.

      I even have to give Sega credit; I have no idea who most of their characters are, but I’m excited to see Ulala and characters from Valkyria Chronicles arriving. Capcom though? You can guarantee that any Capcom crossover game is really going to boil down to

      Namco Bandai x Sega x Ryu, Chun Li, Morgan and sometimes Batsu!

      Every time. What about Hayate? Or Jin? Or BB Hood? Or Trauma Center Guy, or Vanessa from P.No.03 or Gene from Godhand or Yomiel with Sissel or Samanosuke Aketchi?

      And for that matter, Sega, why u no Kazuma Kiryu?

      Like you I’m glad to have this game in America, it’s just a shame that the only one that seemed to be really ambitious with their roster was Namco Bandai.

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