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Meet the Fighter! Again…

This one is a more different fighter though, from a different game to boot.

Look familiar? It should! And not just because anyone who had an awesome gamer childhood sunk their entire college fund into this game at the arcade!

The creative minds behind Dragon’s Crown stated at the game’s initial reveal that they based much of the gameplay and combat engine off of the old school D&D arcade games. In an awesome, yet somewhat janky move Capcom announced during the long silence while Vanillaware sought help from Atlus that the two D&D games, Tower of Doom and Shadows of Mystara were being updated and re-released for the PS3 and Xbox 360 under the title Chronicles of Mystara.

Capcom, I ain’t mad atcha! These were two of the best games I ever played; there’s no way I’m about to complain about getting them again and with challenges and online play to boot! Still, planning a June release when that’s Dragon’s Crown month?

That is kind of a jerk move guys…

I can’t help but now dream of a world where Capcom, Vanillaware and Atlus collaborated to see The Chronicles of Mystara as an unlockable extra in Dragon’s Crown, but knowing Capcom each game as well as all of the levels and character classes would’ve been on disc/cartridge paid DLC! Hey-ooooo!!!!


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