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Ballpoint Universe: Bullet Hell x Twice Upon a Time

I’m…honestly I don’t even…I just…

$4.99? It’s only going to cost $4.99? Is there some way I can give you more money? Like, all the money? All the money forever and ever?

Ballpoint Universe as the name implies is an adventurous bullet hell shooter that will be exclusive to Steam releasing in May featuring a world where absolutely everything is drawn in ballpoint pen! Well, okay, I guess only that last part was implied in the name, but, the point is go give these guys some money! Like, all the money! Everywhere! Forever and ever!

So, Sony, I know you’re on this whole snap up every indie in sight kick at the moment…I’m just saying, I would strongly contemplate tearing up the divorce papers if this somehow wound up on my Vita…

The demo is available on Steam Greenlight now, so, get to gaming y’all!


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