A Tale of Two…Tales…

Don’t judge me, I’ve been on a non-stop updating rampage ever since I got off work and out of class tonight, and coming up with snappy names for every post in rapid succession at 3 in the morning with nothing but a stomach full of sushi, coca cola and vienna sassages is a lot harder than it looks!

tales_ce_thumbSo, apparently Hideo Baba loves us a little! And by a little I mean if you don’t all go out and buy this amazing collector’s edition I will flog you with a rolled up newspaper!

For $100 you’ll get a snazzy box, a leather bound artbook, a special music selection cd, and a figurine of Milla Maxwell, one of the two protagonists in the game AND the series’ first female protagonist ever! This warrants an English trailer!

While Tales of Xilla definitely seems to be more overt about its Shintoist trappings than previous Tales titles, looking at it as a piece of mythological literature not unlike God of War I must say I’m excited to give the latest Tales game a shot. I do wish a bit more polish had been spent on the facial reactions, but I’m not going to complain about a new Tales game coming to America!

Okay, one more complaint. I kept reading how Millia Maxwell (who kinda reminds me of Millia Rage) was going to be a strong and relate-able protagonist to put a fresh spin on the franchise and draw more girls into playing Tales, but I can’t help but notice that this was done with the typical “We’re going to make her a drab, emotionless ice queen” approach that Japanese studios take quite often. It’s a bit too early to judge her as another Lightning a la Final Fantasy XIII, but I was hoping for a more energetic, carefree woman who knew how to get serious in a fight as opposed to the usual “My brooding makes The Batman look cuddly!” approach.

And now, for a combat trailer!

And because I love you, have another!

I do wish they would stop translating Majinken as Demon Fang in America…

In any case, Tales of Xilla features two protagonists who cover the same ground, but have differing stories and insight depending on who you pick. Another first for the Tales franchise, Xillia features a fully player controlled camera and a sprawling 3D world ripe for exploration. To accommodate and celebrate the new camera system, there’ll be a ton of hidden goodies for you to find.

A third new addition, fourth really if you count two main characters and a first female protagonist as two separate things (which I guess they are) is the link system. You can tether yourself to another fighter via a vibrant blue…tether… that will allow you to combine arts, trap enemies and reap benefits in the form of buffs, team attacks and last minute rescues.

Tales of Xillia will be out in both regular and collector’s edition flavors on August 6th in North America. Seriously though, pre-order a copy of both; us getting Tales of Hearts R and Tales of Innocence R in America as well as Tales of Xillia 2, the first direct Tales sequel since Destiny depends on it!

Okay, that’s it for my updates for tonight! If I can drag myself away from my novels you can expect to see a Guacamelee! review as well as a few others over the weekend.



2 comments on “A Tale of Two…Tales…

  1. LOL already pre ordered online and looking at ordering in person as well(online is to make SURE i get one in) but thinking of keeping both and giving one to a friend…Maybe i’ll have a nerdy GF by then LOL.

    • Ah, a nerdy girlfriend and enjoy our collector’s editions; the dreams of us all! I wish you all the best my friend! May she know all the quotes from Firefly, and may she obliterate you at your own favorite games!

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