Get Into the Zone


I actually have no idea if Date Masamune is in Project x Zone, but apparently Ulala is and that’s more than enough reason to buy it for me!


Project x Zone is now confirmed for a June 26th launch in America! Yaaay America! Yaaay Harada-sama! For those of you that aren’t in the know, Project x Zone is a crossover RPG featuring Sega x Capcom x Namco Bandai, boasting a cast of 60 playable characters ranging from the ones pictured to the likes of Dante, Jill Valentine, Kurt Irving (yes, from Valkyria Chronicles!), Zephyr (Resonance of Fate), Soma Schicksal (Gods Eater Burst), Lady, Juri, Batsu, Lindow, Valkyrie (Valkyrie Profile Lenneth) and more!

The game is exclusive to the 3DS, and lets you finally slap Vile and Coco * Tapioca right in their smug, condescending faces! The game was created with the tagline “Dream Crossover!”, and as a fan of all three companies I must say it’s a dream come true!

Oh, and for those of you who have no idea what I was babbling about before, I present to you Sengoku Basara in all its glory:


3 comments on “Get Into the Zone

  1. Uh no. It’s Valkyrie from Valkyrie no Daibouken. Lenneth isn’t owned by any of those companies so you’re way off.

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