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Here Comes a New Challenger!

I just…don’t know how to feel about this. 20 years of history, and we get a guy from a third party survival horror game, and Big Daddy but with more punching. I mean, on the one hand their movesets are pretty dang boss…on the other hand…Isaac Clark and Zeus!!!

Not Wander from Shadow of the Colossus, not Lammy from Um Jammer Lammy, not Asbel Lahnt if you want a third party that bad, not James Sutherland if you want a third party horror franchise that actually has relevance to the Playstation brand, not someone from Drakengard, or someone from Odin Sphere, or Yoshitsune from Genji, or Adam from Rengoku, or Keats or Ellen from Folklore (if we can only have one, can we have Keats?), not Kazuma freaking Kiryu from Yakuza, but Isaac Clark and Zeus!!!

I’m just gonna go scream in a jar for a while.


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