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Gaijin Needs Your Help!


So, Gaijin Works and Monkey Paw Games have been working diligently to bring Class of Heroes 2 for the PSP (and by extension Vita) over to America. They tried a kickstarter that didn’t get the success it needed, but they weren’t willing to give up. They’ve completed a digital version of the game, and managed to broker a deal with Sony that if they can get 2,500 interested parties, Sony will foot the bill and let them do a retail release instead of digital only. For a collector like me, this is some good news!

Ah, but wait! The drive ends in two days! On Valentine’s Day! And they’re sitting at a frighteningly close ~2,300 pledges! I did my part, I pledged to order two copies! Ian’s Game Paradise laid down some pledges too! I’d like to remind you guys that the pledge isn’t the pre-order, so if you want this thing to happen but don’t have $35 bones on you right now (and honestly in our economy I’d believe you!) all you’re doing is saying when they do go ahead and open up orders you’ll buy one.


“But I have a Vita, I only want to buy the game once and get it digitally!”

Dude, Monkey Paw and Gaijin have you covered. $35 nets you a retail copy of the game that comes with a digital download voucher! Come on man, you can’t beat that! Plus, we get to vote on what the cover art will be! Also, if you helped with the kickstarter (I didn’t find out about it until it was too late) you get a special branded UMD copy, so, maybe help them out huh!

Head on over to http://www.gaijinworks.com and show your support now dang it! Or I’ll be all mopey and stuff on candy day, and you don’t want to break my heart, do you?



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