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Here Comes a New Challenger!

I just…don’t know how to feel about this. 20 years of history, and we get a guy from a third party survival horror game, and Big Daddy but with more punching. I mean, on the one hand their movesets are pretty dang boss…on the other hand…Isaac Clark and Zeus!!! Not Wander from Shadow of the Colossus, […]

My Top 5 “So…that happened…” Moments in Horror Games

I’d just like to open this article with the following: I LOVE horror as a genre. Not gore, not squelch, not violence for the sake of violence, but psychological and supernatural horror are pretty much two of my most favorite things. I adore Asian horror cinema, I’ve seen ghost movies from Russia, Poland, Holland, China, […]

The Top 5 Heroes in the Friend Zone

I was actually going to do this article on the day after Valentine’s Day to be ironic and funny, buuut I ended up playing Fire Emblem instead, so, there ya go. Here I submit for your amusement, my top five gaming heroes stuck in the friend zone! 5) Bianca Whitaker (Dragon Quest V) I’m not […]

Monster Hunter Ultimate 3 – Years of Other Raid Games Later…

Sup y’all, Xeawn here. I’m going to talk to you today about Monster Hunter Ultimate 3 or 3 Ultimate or whatever we’re calling it these days. First, a little background information. I…LOVE raid style games. Raid is probably my number one favorite genre, and equally is probably the number one most frustrating thing about living […]

Killzone: Shadow Fall

Not to be confused with Sky Fall. I’m pretty durn impressed with the video they showed; it’s pretty, has interesting kill moves, and more importantly looks like Killzone is finally stepping into its own rather than being pre-occupied with being a “Me too!” franchise.

Welcome to the Future!

First and foremost I’d just like to go on record and say thank you to the XGC faithful! I received a good number of messages today from folks letting me know they’d either wait to read up on the PS4 till I got the time to do articles, or else would come by and check […]

Playstation Conference Livestream

Because all the cool kids are doing it, and I’m neither able to report on it right now nor do I have anyone in the rafters to do it for me 😀     Live broadcasting by Ustream