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One leap forward for Nintendo, one leap back for Sony…

Hot on the heels of Project x Zone seeing a US release, ONE PIECE PIRATE WARRIORS 2 IS COMING OUT IN AMERICA!!!


But it’s only digital distribution again (sony has an internal law against releasing on disc games that have no English in America…for some…stupid reason…)


But, at least we get it on PS3! Still no English voice actors (who are amazing), but, at least we get it right???!!!


But…not the Vita version. That’s not coming out here. Probably not in Europe either. So, no portable play or cross talk or hooking up with friends at cafes or playing with friends that don’t own a PS3 without carrying yours over to their place and no cool new Ikkitoussen style game for us yanks.


Oh well, maybe China will get an English language version again; it’d be worth importing that over the console game for me. And they wonder why the Vita, despite being amazing hardware, is struggling…

Trailer after the jump.


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