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Here Comes the Youtube Parade!!!


Here I am in my first ever youtube debut! Ya know, ever since that one time my Advent Children music video got banned in high school because Squeenix sent me a cease and desist…


Anyways, I’ve been getting a lot of messages requesting that I do the youtube thing, and so here you are! Numerous mysteries have been answered! What race is Xeawn (actually, I’m Irish, Scottish, Cherokee, Blackfoot, Barbatian and Black, so pretty much a mutt)? What gender is Xeawn (didn’t we already cover this?) And quite possibly the biggest of all……


How does Xeawn feel about The Legend of Zelda? Every day will be a different five minute video. This one goes over since it’s kinda my introduction to the world. Ordinarily the Confessions of a 24 Year Old Gamer thing will be on Fridays. Tomorrow I’m going to do a little session I like to call “Pipe Dreams”!

Comment on the video, comment below, share it on Facebook and the Twitter, tell your friends! But not Miyamoto-sama…I hear that dude is pretty scary with a Master Sword. Peace!


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