…Stop it Japan….seriously…cut it out…maybe now? Please?

Seriously, I can’t possibly be the only person tired of this crap. “Hey America, we heard you wanted Sengoku Basara! Here it is! What’s that, you only bought 200,000 copies? Well, we bought 600,000 so clearly you hate the game… What? We didn’t promote it and did absolutely nothing to let you know that it wasn’t yet another Dynasty Warriors game (which sell consistently well in America) but was in fact a super stylish hard core co-op title with a devil may cry style combat engine, a mecha guy with chainsaw swords, and a dude who punches so hard that he turns into a dragon as well as a guy who fights with four spears and another guy who fights with six swords? What’s that, you’re saying that it would have sold better if we had promoted it in the least, like we do EVERY SINGLE ONE OF OUR OTHER GAMES (except for the ones like Ace Attorney that we want to lie and say you don’t like and then keep from you).

“Well boo! Clearly Americans just don’t like super stylish beat em ups that have girls that wield six handguns and two shotguns at once or a dude who can cut through mountains or couch co-op. So, you can have Sengoku Basara. We’re just gonna go ahead and add a ton more characters, more modes and more levels but keep it in Japan. Because we hate money and subsist on the sounds of your broken dreams.

“Capcom, out!”


Before I start planning a trip to Capcom HQ and figuring out how to get my favorite katana past customs, I’m gonna go play more Assassin’s Creed: Liberation…

Those two things are unrelated by the way. Oh, here’s the opening to that cool game you’re never going to get to play in English, in case you wanted to share in my rage. There’d be an awesome J-rock song, but apparently Sony is afraid you’ll get aspirations of piracy or something if you get to listen to the audio…I guess…


3 comments on “…Stop it Japan….seriously…cut it out…maybe now? Please?

  1. I just wanna go ahead and put it out there that Utage only sold 340,000 copies in Japan, so clearly half of your “loyal consumer base” saw no reason to support your franchise. Conversely, we bought 320,000 copies of Dynasty Warriors 6, and then 270,000 copies of Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires. While a similar (and in my opinion better designed) franchise saw a drop off of half of its consumer base in Japan, in America a franchise in the same genre saw a drop off of only 50,000. I don’t like math enough to figure out that percentage, but it sure as shootin’ ain’t half!

    Thanks to vgchartz for the figures 😀

  2. That they “subsist on the sounds of your broken dreams”. I laughed so hard. Mannnn, that looks so awesome. (╯>__<*)╯︵ ┻━┻)

    • I love your table flipping emoticon! Yes, unfortunately Capcom seems quite unsure what direction they want to take their company, or any of their franchise…a crying shame really.

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