What Did You Do To My Baby?!?!


Oh Mega! What’d they do to you?! So, from what little the team has been able to glean from various sources, Mega Man Xover is how Capcom intends to celebrate the Blue Bomber’s anniversary this year.. It’s an iOS social rail shooter that has the option to skip the game and still get prizes, or make the game play itself and still get prizes. Did I say rail shooter? I should clarify that it’s an instant run type of game, ya know, kinda like the likely infinitely better Baby Monkey Riding Backwards on a Pig (I’m not gonna lie, I bought that game solely because it’s adorable title, then proceeded to buy the themesong because it is made of win)…


To reiterate, anniversary…iOS…infinite run…rail shooter…plays itself…Mega Man…


Sorry about that loud crash just now; that was just my heart shattering into a million pieces. Tell you what Capcom, you give me custody of my baby and I’ll stop stealing bricks from your headquarters one by one in the dead of night.


Xeawn, out.


2 comments on “What Did You Do To My Baby?!?!

  1. T-they… no… O,..,O


    …I say we boot up our Megaman X roms and enjoy the times that used to be.

  2. I’m digging out my Mega Man X4 as we speak 😀

    Ordinarily I’m all for embracing change and trying something new; I’m enjoying my time with Silent Hill: Book of Memories and enjoyed games like Rockman: Battle and Chase. With that said, there’s a spin off, and then there’s blatant disregard for your franchise and consumer base 😦

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