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Hey Everybunny, Have a Nice Trap!!!!!

And now, the Zero Escape OVA Movie. Essentially take the first two hours of the game and make them be a 12 minute webisode, and you’ve got your teaser right here! Aside from Zero being a lot more adorable and vaguely less spazzy in the game, this is pretty spot on. It’s cute how they show you several of the puzzles, then conveniently skip to the next scene without telling you how to solve em’!

…Seriously though, could anyone explain to the rest of the class Japan’s obsession with putting Egyptian and African girls in as little clothing as possible? How does Alice’s “top” even stay on?????

Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward out now on the Playstation Vita on PSN/SEN and in stores, and on the 3DS in stores only. Be sure to pick up 999, the series prequel on Amazon on the cheap before everybunny else beats you to the punch!


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