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Thank you all for coming!

The Rising Sun x Midnight Sun panel at the Alaska Gaming Convention was a rousing success with over half of the con attendees coming to and staying for my panel! Special thanks to mom, dad, big sister, my brother (who just got back from serving overseas!!!) and my friends Glen, Kesh and Ian for coming out there! Thanks to the exceedingly talented Braxton for putting the con together and inviting me to speak, and thanks to the massive audience that came to attend! Y’all were wonderful, hope you enjoy your prizes, and trust, I’m gonna do it up EVEN BIGGER NEXT YEAR!!!!


All of the information from the panel will be hosted on the website soon, as well as a ton of pictures. I had the panel recorded, so I’m hoping to upload that here soon as well.


For those of you just joining us, welcome to Xeawn’s Gaming Corner, a subsidiary of Dragon House Studios (www.dragonhousestudios.org), hope you enjoy your stay! We’re still in the process of migrating all the older articles from the old website, and you can look forward to new ones every Friday (and also whenever I or my compatriots feel like it throughout the week)!!!!


Thank you all again, and have a blessed and rockin’ night! Xeawn, out!


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