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Female and Strong; Not Strong Because Female

Female and Strong Not Strong because Female: A look at women in gaming and comic books By: Xeawn R. So, let’s do that thing I do and talk about a touchy subject that will probably tick off some people and also have others take things out of context or the wrong way, shall we? For […]

It’s A Whole New Revolution!

  Assassin’s Creed Liberation breaks ground as featuring the first playable (and positive) black female protagonist in the gaming scene. Partnered with ACIII’s portrayal of Connor the first big budget game to feature a Native American protagonist, and Ubisoft is breaking ground all over the place!   While I’m a little bit torqued that they […]

Hey Everybunny, Have a Nice Trap!!!!!

And now, the Zero Escape OVA Movie. Essentially take the first two hours of the game and make them be a 12 minute webisode, and you’ve got your teaser right here! Aside from Zero being a lot more adorable and vaguely less spazzy in the game, this is pretty spot on. It’s cute how they […]

You Carrot Resist This Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward Trailer!

  AND I SHALL CALL IT…THE NONARY GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME!!!! Seriously though, I would recommend buying this game for your Vita or 3DS on the sole principal that the rabbit AI is awesome. Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward (Subtitled “Good People Die” in Japan) is the sequel to the award winning visual novel horror adventure 999: 9 […]

What Did You Do To My Baby?!?!

  Oh Mega! What’d they do to you?! So, from what little the team has been able to glean from various sources, Mega Man Xover is how Capcom intends to celebrate the Blue Bomber’s anniversary this year.. It’s an iOS social rail shooter that has the option to skip the game and still get prizes, […]

Have You Saved a Princess Lately?

No? Why not? Dokuro as a game, story and concept is totes sweet; I honestly don’t even care if you don’t have a Vita, hop on the Playstation Network and buy a copy now. It’s $20 and it is all kinds of amazing.   Dokuro Review will be up by Thursday. Peace y’all!

Busy and sick

No new articles in a while, my bad! As the title implies, life happened, and, well, there ya go. So, what’s on the horizon? Silent Hill: Book of Memories review, Sleeping Dogs review, Mega Man 2 review, an article about the portrayal of women in gaming (I promise, it’s different from the usual “IT’S AWFUL!” […]