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Cut the Fluff

Or Things that I like and things that I don’t So, I was talking with a friend a bit ago, and I was discussing Kingdom Hearts. Kingdom Hearts is a series that I have played and beaten three games out of (One, Two and Chain of Memories), playing a good portion of (I beat Terra’s […]

Xeawn’s Gaming Corner LIVES!

So, I haven’t posted in like two weeks. Reason being? Xeawn went and got himself bronchitis! So, I’m still battling this alien cave demon that has inhabited my nose and seeks to devour my smart brains, but rest assured that new articles will soon come! I’m in the process of reviewing Mega Man 2, Borderlands […]

Japanese Companies and the Lies They Tell You

                Hi Japan, it’s me, Xeawn. How ya doin’ over there guys? Good? Good. Cool. Listen, it’s been a while since we’ve talked, ya know, because I’ve been trying to go easy on your gaming scene. It’s no secret how I feel about a lot of your games […]

Meet me in our special place…the one we cherished so long ago…in Silent Hill…

You find yourself in a strange town, often times with no recollection of how and why you got there. You know it’s important, something essential, something that you can’t turn your back on…but what? Scratching at the back of your memory, haunting you, an itch you can’t reach, it spurs you on. Curiousity, fear, wonder…but […]